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From years ago I've heard of the advantages of using the Linux operating system and so I determined to make an all out effort to learn it. In 2003 I downloaded and experimented with several Linux distributions. All my previous attempts ended in discouragement. The Linux distributions I tried to install did not find all the devices on my machine, and I didn't know how to install the needed device drivers even if I had them available. I realized that if I, a person considered to be a power user in Windows and MS-DOS couldn't figure out how to install and use a Linux system, the common user who still has troubles with Windows certainly wouldn't be able to learn it either. So I determined to find a Linux distribution that I considered simple enough for the average person to install...Read on

Purpose of this web site:

  1. To share with those who haven't tried Linux yet that it has indeed evolved into a user friendly operating system and is a viable alternative to propriety one$.
  2. To explain everything in such detail that even a total "newbie" should be able to follow it!

Distributions discussed

Mostly Fedora but I also talk about in the blog Ubuntu, VectorLinux and Freespire.

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